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New publication

New publication in Nature Communications: Reducing global warming matters for the world’s freshwater fishes

In a new publication, co-authored by our team, Valerio Barborossa et al. assess the effects of global warming on 11,5000 species of freshwater fish. Change in temperature and discharge are obtained by running the outputs of climate models through PCR-GLOBWB.

See also the news item on the UU GEO website and an article in ScienceTechDayly.

Fig. 2

Potentially affected fraction (PAF) of freshwater fish species due to exposure to water flow and temperature extremes beyond current levels, for different global warming levels and two dispersal assumptions. Patterns are based on the median PAF across the GCM–RCP combinations at a five arcminutes resolution (~10 km). Gray denotes no data areas (no species occurring or no data available).