Global Hydrology

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A new global groundwater model and the impacts of sea-level rise on coastal fresh groundwater

We have two new exciting publications to show. Paper 1:GLOBGM v1.0: a parallel implementation of a 30 arcsec PCR-GLOBWB-MODFLOW global-scale groundwater model Jarno Verkaik‘s next paper is out! He presents the first 1 km transient two-layer global groundwater model. Another step towards better representation of groundwater in Earth System Models and improving global groundwater sustainability assessment….

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New paper in ERL: global estimates of offshore groundwater resources

Out now, a new paper by Daniel Zamrsky: estimates of offshore fresh groundwater volumes in coastal unconsolidated sediment systems; a potential fresh water source in water stressed areas for the 21st century…. Estimates are based on variable saturated groundwater flow and transport models for 2784 coastal profiles (including geological uncertainty) for 116 coastal regions,…

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New publication on evaluation of groundwater representations in large-scale hydrological models

Come join us on the quest to improve the evaluation of groundwater representations in continental- to global-scale models! This is the third in a series of review papers on global hydrological models, with the other two being: Global hydrology 2015: State, trends and directions Global Groundwater Modeling and Monitoring: Opportunities and Challenges  

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New publication: review paper on global groundwater modelling

What is the state of global groundwater modelling? And what opportunities are there for its use and what challenges are remaining to make it a reality? Learn more by reading a recent review paper in Water Resources Research authored by an international group of hydrologists and hydrogeologists.

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New paper: Large-scale sensitivities of groundwater and surface water to groundwater withdrawal

We introduce a simple analytical framework that allows us to estimate to what extent large-scale groundwater withdrawal affects groundwater levels and streamflow. It also calculates which part of the groundwater withdrawal comes out of groundwater storage and which part from a reduction in streamflow. Global depletion rates obtained with the framework are compared with estimates…

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New publication in Nature Communications: Reducing global warming matters for the world’s freshwater fishes

In a new publication, co-authored by our team, Valerio Barborossa et al. assess the effects of global warming on 11,5000 species of freshwater fish. Change in temperature and discharge are obtained by running the outputs of climate models through PCR-GLOBWB. See also the news item on the UU GEO website and an article in ScienceTechDayly. Potentially…

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