Global Hydrology



Dear Visitor, Welcome to tour website devoted to global-scale Hydrology. We present research on global hydrology as conducted by our Earth Surface Hydrologygroup at Utrecht University. We conduct this research in close co-operation with Deltares. Global-scale hydrology concentrates on the role of the terrestrial hydrological cycle in System Earth. In particular it focuses on the role of climate variability on continental hydrology, on land-surface atmosphere feedbacks and the modelling of global water scarcity and groundwater depletion. To this purpose we have built a next-generation global hydrological and water resources model PCR-GLOBWB. The model is already widely used in various global or continental change analyses, such as the assessment of global nutrient dynamics, methane emissions, global water stress assessment, real-time global flood forecasting and global flood risk mapping. Next, to Deltares, we work together with the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and with many partners in international projects. Upon its completion, you will find on this site:

  • the people involved in global hydrological research;
  • the models we have developed for simulating global hydrology and water scarcity;
  • global datasets on simulated hydrological variables, sectoral water demand, water stress surface water temperature, both past reconstruction as well as future projections. Datasets can both be viewed on-line as well as downloaded.
  • overview of our research, projects and publications.

Check out this article about our work that appeared in International Innovation!

Thank you for your interest in our work,

Marc Bierkens Chair in Earth Surface Hydrology