Global Hydrology


Our people’s work is presented @EGU2021

Our people’s work is presented @EGU2021

Tuesday April 27

EGU21-2624 | vPICO presentations | HS2.4.4 | Highlight

The potential of data driven approaches for quantifying hydrological extremes
Sandra Margrit Hauswirth, Marc Bierkens, Vincent Beijk, and Niko Wanders
Tue, 27 Apr, 09:15–09:17


EGU21-101 | vPICO presentations | HS2.1.2 | Highlight

Projecting conflict risk following the Shared Socioeconomic pathways: what role for water stress and climate?
Sophie de Bruin, Jannis Hoch, Nina von Uexkull, Halvard Buhaug, and Nico Wanders
Thu, 29 Apr, 13:30–13:32


EGU21-3261 | vPICO presentations | HS2.4.4

The Influence of Anthropogenic Climate Change on (drivers of) Multi-Year Droughts in North-Western Europe
Thomas J. Batelaan, Karin van der Wiel, and Niko Wanders
Tue, 27 Apr, 14:00–14:02

Wednesday April 28

EGU21-4041 | vPICO presentations | HS5.3.1

Worldwide water constraints on attainable irrigated production for major crops
Bram Droppers, Iwan Supit, Michelle TH van Vliet, and Fulco Ludwig
Wed, 28 Apr, 11:19–11:21


EGU21-12504 | vPICO presentations | HS2.2.1

The nature and extent of bomb tritium remaining in deep soils
Jaivime Evaristo, Yanan Huang, Zhi Li, Kwok P. Chun, Edwin H. Sutanudjaja, and Marc F.P. Bierkens
Wed, 28 Apr, 13:52–13:57


EGU21-2069 | vPICO presentations | GM6.9/HS13.30/NH1.24/NP8.2 | Highlight

The past and future dynamics of salt intrusion in the Mekong Delta
Sepehr Eslami, Maarten van der Vegt, Philip Minderhoud, Nam Nguyen Trung, Jannis Hoch, Edwin Sutanudjaja, Dung Do Doc, Tho Tran Quang, Hal Voepel, and Marie-Noëlle Woillez
Wed, 28 Apr, 15:55–15:57


EGU21-11524 | vPICO presentations | NH10.4/AS4.4/CL2.4/HS13.6

Identifying dominant drivers of northern European wildfires
Sigrid Joergensen Bakke, Niko Wanders, Karin van der Wiel, Monica Ionita, and Lena Merete Tallaksen
Wed, 28 Apr, 16:05–16:07

Thursday April 29

EGU21-125 | vPICO presentations | HS2.5.1

On the influence and limitations of hyper-resolution hydrological modelling – application of the 1 km PCR-GLOBWB model over Europe
Jannis Hoch, Edwin Sutanudjaja, Rens van Beek, and Marc Bierkens
Thu, 29 Apr, 09:05–09:07


EGU21-684 | vPICO presentations | HS2.5.1

A conceptual analytical framework to assess the large-scale effects of groundwater withdrawal on groundwater storage and surface water flow
Marc F.P. Bierkens, Edwin H. Sutanudjaja, and Niko Wanders
Thu, 29 Apr, 09:07–09:09


EGU21-2340 | vPICO presentations | HS5.2.1

ULYSSES: a system for global multi-model hydrological seasonal predictions
Luis Samaniego, Stephan Thober, Matthias Kelbling, Robert Schweppe, Oldrich Rakovec, Pallav Shrestha, Alberto Martinez-de la Torre, Eleanor M. Blyth, Katie A. Smith, Gwyn Rees, Matthew Fry, Edwin Sutanudjaja, Niko Wanders, Marc FP Bierkens, and Rens van Beek
Thu, 29 Apr, 13:48–13:50

Friday April 30

EGU21-10738 | vPICO presentations | HS2.2.4 | Highlight

The sustainability of fresh groundwater resources in major deltas around the world
Joeri van Engelen, Gualbert Oude Essink, and Marc Bierkens
Fri, 30 Apr, 13:59–14:01