Global Hydrology


First dissimination on the ERC AdG project GEOWAT

GEOWAT – A Global Assessment of the Limits of Groundwater Use


Inspired by decades of excessive groundwater pumping and aquifer depletion, GEOWAT will answer the question: How much groundwater is there and how longwill it last? GEOWAT will use unique global modelling tools and case studies to assess the global volume of physically and economically extractable fresh groundwater, and determine the time to physical and economic depletion under future pumping.

GEOWAT will also provide the first global assessment of the effects of groundwater pumping on groundwater-dependent ecosystems and explore pathways tosustainable groundwater use. As such, GEOWAT will provide critically-needed new knowledge to address one of most pressing challenges that mankind will face: how to sustainably manage the freshwater resources needed to survive on this planet?

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