These are the people working in global modelling  and related issues

At Utrecht University

Prof. dr. Marc F.P. Bierkens  (Full professor, chair)

Dr. Niko Wanders  (Assistant professor: hydrological extremes)

Dr. L.P.H. van Beek  (Assistant professor: global hydrology and water use)

Dr. Edwin H. Sutanudjaja  (Model Engineer: Main developer PCR-GLOBWB; Model coupling and HPC)

Dr. Michelle T.H. van Vliet  (Assistant professor: global water scarcity and water quality)

Prof. dr. Yoshihide Wada  (Professor by special appointment: Global water scarcity and food security (also Director Water Program at IIASA))

Dr. Gu H.P. Oude Essink  (Associate professor by special appointment: large-scale groundwater salinity modelling)

At PhD students at Utrecht University

Jude King, MSc  (Airborne geophysical mapping of fresh-brackish-saline groundwater in coasts and deltas)

Jarno Verkaik  (Hyper-resolution global groundwater modelling using massive parallel computing; numerical groundwater modelling expert at Deltares)

Edward Jones  (Global water scarcity driven by water quality and use of unconventional water resources)

Naze Candogan Yossef  (Global Seasonal Streamflow Forecasting)

Daniel Zamrsky, MSc  (Fresh-salt groundwater modelling of the global coastline)

Joeri van Engelen, MSc  (Modelling fresh-salt groundwater distributions of the major deltas of the world)

At PhD students of our staff working other subjects

Other subjects: Aris Lourens, Wiecher Bakx, Willem-Jan Dirkx, Teun van Woerkom; From the Mountain Hydrology group of prof. Walter Immerzeel (Prof. Bierkens second promotor): Jakob Steiner, Emmy Stigter, Pleun Bonekamp, Rene Wijngaard  (See their subjects using the link to Physical Geography at Utrecht University)

At Guests

Josefin Thorslund  (Postdoc from the University of Stockholm: working with Michelle van Vliet on global water quality (water salinity))

At Alumni

Dr. Ruud van der Ent  (Assistant professor Hydrology at TU Delft)

Dr. Dominik Wisser  (Natural Resources Consultant FAO)

Dr. M. Straatsma  (Assistant professor Physical Geography at Utrecht University)

Dr. Inge de Graaf  (Scientific employee Global Hydrology at University of Freiburg)

Dr. Joyce Bosmans  (Postdoc at Radboud University)

Dr. Frederiek Sperna Weiland  (Hydrologist at Deltares: Climate change and extreme events)

Dr. Jannis Hoch  (Hydrologist at Witteveen + Bos)